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How the annual Christmas Holiday Party can be ruined by thoughtlessness

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A story about when I had to actually fire Santa!

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Sharing my DiSC Personality Profile - The good and the bad

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Discussing three keys to being a good boss as originally introduced by Derek Irvine

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Discussing the harassement and bullying events that occured at my old High School

Dicussing the simple yet powerful act of greeting your direct reports in the morning

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Introduction to the DiSC Personality Profile

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Increase your effectiveness and productivity by clearing your desk every day before you leave work

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Co Working Spaces are becoming more popular

How to motivate star performers.

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An Open Door Policy is hard work but worth it. 

How HR, as change champions, must embrace the changes that are occuring in the HR Certification space.  

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Reasons why you must take control and manage your career.  

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Discussion of a manager's responsibility to hire the best people they can.

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Why competition is good between HRCI and SHRM certifications.

I share a couple funny recruiting experiences from my recent campaign. 

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Teaching employees to understand the company’s financials and including them in decision making is important to the long term success of any company.

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Learning how to network from observing my five year old son.

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Discussion of the HBR article Creating the Best Workplace on Earth.

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The Miami Dolphins make a significant leadersnip mistake.

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HR needs to act like we belong because we do.  

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Some simple and effective advice to help you manage your inbox.  

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Why our workforce regularly needs simple recognition and acknowledgement.  

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Why HR Leaders must maintain and updated and current resume for themselves.  

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Most discipline problems in the workplace are about an employee's bad behavior rather than their performance.  So it's important to hold employee's accountable.  

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This is the introductory episode of the Hard Hat HR Audioblog Podcast.  

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